Hi there,

The team here at Event Promotions sympathise with those who are feeling the impact of this pandemic. Life as we know it has been flipped upside down and we too are feeling anxious stressed and worried about this new ‘normal’ and the uncertainty surrounding how long this will last. At a time when we need to lean on our friends, family and loved ones the most we must refrain from our usual routine of meeting for a run on the beach, a walk through the forest or a mountain bike on the trails – we know this is hard. Instead we must use other methods to connect and support each other such as Facetime, calling, Skype, emailing and messaging. This shall eventually pass and when it does we will rejoice and reconnect in the beautiful natural landscapes we know and love. But in the meantime we encourage you to try enjoy the time spent at home, remember to get outside for fresh air, exercise in your backyards if possible, take up a new hobby, breathe, check in with your loved ones and remember we are all in this together.

Regarding scheduled upcoming events, our team have been working hard to do what we can despite the uncertainty surrounding this pandemic. Some of our events have been/will be cancelled or postponed in light of this rapidly developing health emergency. You can see the up to date ‘Event Calendar’ (as of 26th March) on our website. At this stage we have postponed a lot of our events until later in the year. We will be constantly assessing the situation as it evolves and will be taking the government’s advice about mass gatherings.

Regarding refunds and withdrawals, we’re all aware that we are currently experiencing an unprecedented time in history. We are unable to provide refunds to our events as this is an “act of god”. There have been many expenses that have already been incurred including but not limited to marketing, administration, purchase of finisher medals, event products etc. Event Promotions have tried to postponed event dates over cancelling them where possible and in all cases of postponement, have transferred your entry to these dates as an act of good faith. We hope for your understanding while we navigate this difficult time and uncertain road ahead. We too are devastated, we put our heart and soul into operating these events for you to enjoy and are disappointed that we won’t be seeing those smiling faces cross the finish line for potentially a few months.

Our team are working from home for the next wee while so the best way to get in touch with us if you have any queries/questions is to email as no one will be in the office to take your calls. We will be updating the website with the latest information and will be making announcements on our Facebook page and via email when necessary, so please do keep an eye out for these.

We will be back operating events when it’s safe to do so but in the meantime please stay safe and look after your loved ones.

Big love, the team at Event Promotions